This site started with 2 purposes in mind. The first being an outlet for my own images that I have taken mainly in East Sussex. But I wanted it to be more than that and it soon became that my collection of vintage images became the main focus quickly spreading to all parts of the UK and sometimes beyond. But what remains is most images are seen as wall art. Our criteria being would this look good or be of interest if hanging on a wall. As more of the collection gets put online and available in our shop it should be possible to have a themed wall or collection to suit most tastes.

Most images will be only available as a digital download and some people can be a little unsure about this but this can be a very quick and cost effective way of building a unique collection of wall art.

Step 1

Browse the shop and find the images that would be of interest to you.

Step 2

Checkout using PayPal and download images to your computer noting which folder they are in.

Step 3.

Follow the link to Photobox and upload the images. These can be cropped to suit. We use a matt finish on our prints but you may prefer the gloss.

Step 4

Pay for the prints or album and wait for your delivery.


The Old Clergy Alfriston 1890

The Old Clergy Alfriston 1890