One of the old images that has intrigued me of late is the “Praise The Lord Cottage” in Herstmonceux village East Sussex. I find that something quite simple can get so much attention over the years.

Various stories have been spread about it’s origins either two sisters or Levi Baker were responsible for it almost certainly as a protest at

Herstmonceux Praise the Lord c1890

Herstmonceux Praise the Lord c1890

the Brewers Arms on the opposite side of the Road. The plant was a Cotoneaster and seemed to have a life span of 8 decades or so. I have seen blogs and forums that have discussed and various postcards exist. I also have in my collection a large glass negative that was probably C1890 of the cottage and if you look closely the owner is looking out of the downstairs window.

It was reportedly cut down in the late 1950s. The front of the property is now an antique shop but it is still recognisable from the early photos.

It may have taken longer and spread slower but surely the interest this caused is the equivalent of the funny cat video going “viral”.