The Aims of

This a unique collection of old photos to download and some very contemporary. The collection is biased towards a British theme centred on East Sussex but that is evolving as time goes by.

We look mainly for old photos that could be hung on a wall but of course they can be used in many other ways as well. Though you will require a licence for most commercial uses. We also supply some of our old photos as mounted prints if you do not want to print your own.

Sources of Our Old Photos


Our material comes from a variety of sources and we will soon be offering the chance  to others to add their own images as well.

We have images from old postcards, magic lantern slides, vintage negatives  from antique photographs and modern digital files. We are constantly on the look out for more images to add to the collection. Some of our images are FREE to download but most do  have a small charge.


Vintage postcards are very  interesting source of antique images. Some can be very detailed and tell us a lot about the era they were produced. These can make a good conversation piece on a wall though the print size would have to be quite small.

We try mainly to have postcards from pre WW1 though we do have a few slightly newer than this.

Bexhill Bathing Station available as one of our image downloads

Bexhill Bathing Station available as one of our image downloads

Magic Lantern Slides

Magic Lanterns were a Victorian invention and originally used hand painted slides, but as photography progressed were increasingly used to show photos. The image is sandwiched between two pieces of glass this gives a good level of protection. They can suffer from mould and discolouration and dust between the glass so we still need to clean them up.

There are both amateur and more professional collections and the quality of the image can vary greatly but many of our best images have been found on these. Image downloads of slides are normally the whole image which is square leaving you to crop as required.

Herstmonceux Castle East Sussex c1890 available as one of our image downloads

Herstmonceux Castle East Sussex c1890 available as one of our image downloads

Antique Negatives

There are two main types of negatives, glass and celluloid they both vary in size and quality but generally give the best images once processed. Many have been damaged by bad handling over the years so we take high resolution scans has a back up against any further degradation.

The best ones show a lot of detail and can take a lot of enlargement and still look good. We always scan to a resolution that will keep all the detail available on the negative.

Old Man and His Dog circa 1900 available as one of our image downloads

Old Man and His Dog circa 1900 available as one of our image downloads


Antique Photographs for Image Downloads.

There are many early forms of photography the variations being in the media used to fix the image. Some of the detail only becomes apparent once the picture is scanned and enlarged. By way of an example the Old Walnut Tree below has a sign attached to a branch that says Keep Left. This is  barely visible in the original but quite clear on the enlargement.

Image downloads of photos are normally of a high resolution so that you can get all the detail possible.

OLd Photo of Bexhill East Sussex Old Walnut Tree C1900

Bexhill East Sussex Old Walnut Tree C1900 available as one of our image downloads

Print Your Own


Your image downloads will be available as soon has you have completed your checkout. They are available for 30 days after payment. Please open an account before downloading as it makes it easier to return to re-download if required.

Save  them to your usual download file so you can find them again when required. If you are printing yourself best results are on photographic paper. You will also need to think how you want the image cropped depending on the size of frame you have.

Using an online Service

We have found the simplest way to get good results is to use one of the online services. They nearly all have the facility to crop and enhance the image as required and often only charge a few pence per print. The drawback being that postage charges often exceed the print cost. However if you have number to do the value is good.

We often use Snapfish for many of our prints amongst others and have always had good results within a few days.

Please Note. That Due to VAT regulations we do not sell downloads to customers in other European Union Member States. UK and non European only. Presently we cannot supply physical prints either due to technicalities on the website we hope to change this shortly but in the mean time many of our images are also available on Ebay as prints.