Most of us have the odd photo past on from our Grans, most of these would only be of interest to our own family members. But some have the ability to give an insight to bygone eras. These are the ones that wanted at eastsussex .photos.


If you have come upon a single photograph or a collection of hundreds we may well be interested. We do not restrict ourselves to East Sussex though this would be of great interest. I lean towards pre WW1 though I have many more recent in our collection but no later than 1940.


Many of our images are from postcards and these to can be of interest to me preferably busy animated scenes within the UK.

Of greatest interest though are the original negatives which give us the greatest control over the image we can produce.

We retain the source of all of our main digital images for possible future updates and to create an archive for future collectors. We do however clear the source material of the secondary images(those used as a free second image etc) and images not used through Ebid.


If you have a collection small or large please contact us on the form below giving as many details as possible.


We don’t restrict ourselves to vintage images as I also have My own original contemporary photos which over time will be made available. As

Unknown Rural Scene from around 1890 to 1900

Unknown Rural Scene from around 1890 to 1900

the site and collection grows we will give the opportunity for guest photographers to cover their region or speciality within the site. More details in a later post.