Old Pictures of the UK

This is a forward looking dynamic site that is striving to build the best possible collection of old pictures of the UK. Originally focused on East Sussex it soon became more widespread.  We now have pictures from Alfriston to Yorkshire.

There are also some contemporary images and these will be expanded in the future.

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This is not just a digital collection but also a physical saving of the source material which is all archived saving it for future historians. Many of the original old pictures have been mishandled in the past so take a lot of digital work before they are made available on the site. After carefully scanning the images they are stored in acid free sleeves which are kept in a cool dark environment so that they will be available in years to come. Obviously this is different for the modern pictures which are completely digital.


We want your old pictures.

If you have in your loft a single photo or an entire collection of old pictures we would welcome the opportunity to add them to our site. They can be old postcards of the UK, original photos, magic lantern slides or best of all the negatives either glass or celluloid. They must be from before 1940 and not a later copy. What we don’t need are family snaps, portraits or wedding

photos etc. Please go to our contact page if you have anything we may be interested in.



Digital Picture St Ives Cornwall August 1931

Digital Picture St Ives Cornwall August 1931 Gutting the Catch

Buy Old Pictures as Downloads or Mounted Prints.

Many of the images are available as a mounted print ready for framing either to fit an 8×6 in or 10×8 in frame. They are printed on archival photographic paper and mounted in a bevel cut acid free mount.

If you see any of the images that we have not got offered as a print please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to supply you one with in a reasonable time.

Sailing in the Moonlight

Sailing in the Moonlight













Cuckmere Haven near Seaford, East Sussex, UK

Cuckmere Haven near Seaford, East Sussex, UK

There are a number of modern images on the site as well. Partly to show the contrast and also to widen the choice on the site.